French Polish

Warm, High Gloss French Polish

A shellac based spirit varnish for use on furniture where a deep patina is desired. Use French Polish to achieve a achieve a warm, high gloss French Polished finish for fine timber furniture.

It is an authentic finish for the restoration of antique furniture and French Polished surfaces.

For table tops or surfaces subject to high wear or liquid spills French Polish must be top coated with a harder wearing finish such as Feast Waston Floorseal Oil. Seek professional advice before working on antiques.

surface preparation

Prior to application, ensure the timber surface is dry and free from any traces of dust, dirt, glue, wax, grease and oil.  Fill defects with a suitable wood putty, noting that a blend of several colours may be required to match the timber colouring. If the grain is open or very coarse apply one coat of Feast Watson Sanding Sealer and when thoroughly dry, sand off back to bare timber. 

Sand new bare timber with a medium grit and then fine grit paper, thoroughly removing sanding dust by sweeping and vacuuming between each sanding grade. 

For previously coated timber, ensure that the old finish is completely removed by first sanding with a coarse paper, or stripping, then sand as for new bare timber.  If the old coating is a varnish, it will only need to be sanded back to a smooth, uniform matt finish.  Any wax build up on old French Polished surfaces should be removed by wiping with a cloth dampened with warm soapy water or pure turpentine.

Sanding Sealer


Apply one or two foundation coats with a brush or lint-free pad.  Allow each coat to dry for approximately 1 hour.  Apply further coats, using a brush, lint-free pad or French Polish mop until a suitable 'build' that fills the grain is obtained.  Apply quickly and do not overwork as product sets and dries rapidly.

Allow 24 hours before rubbing down the surface with fine sand paper or steel wool (000).  Apply finishing coats as desired to achieve a high gloss finish. 

  • Where to useFine furniture and French Polished surfaces.
  • Coverage m2/L12
  • Mix ratio: (optional)Staining: French Polish can be mixed with up to 10% Feast Watson Prooftint
  • Number of coats4
  • Sanding time (optional)24 hours
  • Recoat time1 hour
  • Clean upMethylated Spirits
  • Sizes available250ml, 1L