Furniture Polish

Restoring and Polishing

Feast Watson Furniture Polish is a silicon free polish that contains a unique combination of refined oils to restore and enhance the natural beauty of timber. Furniture Polish restores the sheen and diminishes fine scratches, quickly and easily bringing previously coated timber back to life.

Suitable for use on interior sealed timber surfaces. It should NOT be applied to bare timber.

surface preparation

Bare Timber 
Not suitable for uncoated timber

Previously Coated Timber
Surface must be clean and dry. Clean coated timber with with Feast Watson Floorclean and allow to thoroughly dry. 

Floor Clean


Spray Feast Watson Furniture Polish directly onto coated timber or onto a soft, damp cloth. Wipe sparingly over the timber furniture. Polish off using a soft dry cloth


Furniture Polish can be reapplied as desired. 

  • Where to useCoated interior timber furniture. NOT suitable for uncoated timber
  • Number of coats1 (or more)
  • Clean upWarm water and soap
  • Sizes available500ml (spray)