Paint & Varnish Drier

Additive To Improve Drying Times

*Previously known as Terebine

Paint & Varnish Drier is an additive used to improve drying times. Ideal for cool or humid areas, for external projects when rain is expected or for reducing the time of projects requiring multiple coats.

Paint & Varnish Drier is NOT suitable for moisture cure, two pack or water based systems.


Stir Paint & Varnish Drier thoroughly before use.

Add 250mls of Paint & Varnish Drier to 4 litres of oil based paint or varnish. Stir thoroughly with a flat blade stirrer and allow to stand for 10 minutes prior to use.

  • Where to useInterior/Exterior, oil based paints and varnishes.
  • Mix ratio: (optional)1:16
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available1L