Sanding Sealer

Sealer For Open Grain Timber

A clear, fast drying timber sealer that dries to fill the timber grain.

Once sanded back, it provides a super smooth surface which can be stained and top coated to achieve a mirror finish with Varnish or French Polish.

surface preparation

New Timber
Sand timber and remove all sanding dust before coating.

Previously Coated Timber
Previously coated surfaces need to be sanded to bare timber. Remove all sanding dust before coating.


Apply Sanding Sealer using a  brush, roller or spray gun. If applying by spray, add 20% of mineral turpentine to thin product.

Apply 1-2 coats of Sanding Sealer depending on grain depth. Two or more coats may be required when applying by spray.

Allow to dry before sanding off all surface material with medium grade sand paper. Thoroughly remove all dust from the surface prior to applying the desired top coat.

Apply Feast Watson Prooftint Stain after the final Sanding Sealer coat has been sanded, and prior to the application of top coats.


  • Where to useIdeal for filling open grain timbers.
  • Coverage m2/L8
  • Number of coats1
  • Top coat (optional)Overcoat with desired Feast Watson finish
  • Sanding time (optional)6 hours
  • Dry time2 to 4 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available250ml, 1L