Timber Primer

Wood Preserver, For Priming New Timber

*Previously known as Fungishield.

A penetrating wood preserver for priming new timber prior to applying a stain or varnish. Use on soft, porous timber such as  pine to ensure that stains and top coats absorb evenly.

Timber Primer has added water repellency and inhibits mould growth, making it perfect for use on exterior timber or interior damp areas (such as bathrooms).

Note: Timber Primer should NOT be used under penetrating coatings such as Feast Watson Woodshield Oil, Decking Oil or Decking Stain.

surface preparation

New Timber
Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating.

Previously Coated Timber
Previously varnished surfaces need to be sanded to bare timber. Remove all sanding dust before coating.


Timber Primer should be stirred thoroughly before and during application with a flat blade stirrer.

Apply a flood coat using a brush, roller or spray. Ensure edges and end grain are fully coated. A second coat may be necessary for porous timbers. Additional coats can be applied wet-on-wet.

Allow surface to dry for 12 hours before overcoating with desired finish.

  • Where to useInterior/Exterior, on all new timber.
  • Coverage m2/L8
  • Mix ratio: (optional)Staining: Timber Primer can be mixed with up to 10% Feast Watson Prooftint
  • Number of coats1 to 2
  • Top coat (optional)Overcoat with desired finish
  • Recoat timeAdditional coats can be applied wet on wet
  • Dry time12 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available1L, 4L