Mastertouch Floor & Furniture Polish Mastertouch Carnauba Wax Mastertouch French Polish Mastertouch Orange Oil Mastertouch Shellac Mastertouch Wipe-On Poly
Description Silicon free polish that restores lustre to coated timber surfaces Canuba wax helps to fill minor scratches and builds a protective, hard wearing layer on top of existing coatings A shellac based spirit varnish for use on furniture where a deep patina is desired An essential oil that cleans and restores the natural beauty of timber Premium shellac for making French Polish A clear, silky smooth, oil based polyurethane that provides durable
protection with classic, hand-rubbed beauty
Where to use Coated timber floors and furniture. Coated timber furniture Fine furniture Note: NOT for surfaces subject to high wear or liquid To nourish unpolished surfaces and to keep wooded, wicker and cane furniture in good conditrion. Fine furniture
Note: NOT for surfaces subject to high wear or liquid
All interior woodwork including furniture, doors, windows, architraves, panelling and trim.
Preparation Products Feast Watson Sanding Sealer Coat raw timber with Feast Watson Proofseal before applying wax Feast Watson Sanding Sealer (open grain or rough timber) Feast Watson Sanding Sealer (open grain or rough timber)
Finish / Appearance Restores and enhances the natural beauty of timber. Imparts soft lustre Natural Look. Soft Lustre. Warm, high gloss, French Polish finish Cleans and restores. Natural look. Gloss or Satin. Note: gives a golden hue to pine. Warm, high gloss French Polish Classic, hand-rubbed look. Gloss or Satin
Apply with Soft cloth, floor care polish sock and applicator, mop Soft dry cloth or pad. Good quality soft bristled brush, French Polish Mop, rubber or a clean cloth pad. Floors: a water dampened applicator or mop. Furniture: a soft, damp cloth. Brush, lint-free pad, french polish mop or rubber A clean lint free cloth
Number of coats 1 (or more) 1 (or more depending on the porosity of the timber) 4+ 1 (or more) 4+ 1 (or more)
Recoat time 1 hour 1 hour Minimum 6 hours
Clean up with Warm water and soap Mineral Turpentine Methylated Spirits Soak application cloths in water before disposal Methylated Spirits Mineral Turpentine. Soak application cloths in water before disposing
Sizes 250ml (bottle), 375ml (spray) 500g 250ml, 1L 250ml 250g, 1kg 1L