Crackle Lacquer Glass Finish
Description A two step system for a distressed, vintage finish on interior timber A two part, high build epoxy which provides an extremely durable, highgloss, glass-like finish
Where to use Interior timber furniture and accessories. All interior timber furniture and accessories. Ideal for small craft or decoupage projects, and highly recommended for interior timber
benches and table tops. Suitable as an embedding or casting medium
Preparation Products Crackle Lacquer is a 2 step system. Crackle Lacquer Base Coat must
be followed by Crackle Lacquer Top Coat
Finish / Appearance Crackled, distressed look High Gloss, equivilent to 60 coats of traditional varnish
Apply with Brush. Do NOT spray Pour on- self levelling formula.
10 to 12 Refer to Kit size
Number of coats 1 coat of Top coat (only) over 2–3 coats of Base Coat 1
Recoat time 2 hours (base coat)
Clean up with Water Epoxy Thinners
Sizes 1L (Base Coat); 500ml (Top Coat) 0.5m2 Kit, 1m2 Kit