Black Japan Floor Finish Liming White Floor Finish Floor Paint
Description Oil based, semi transparent traditional Black Japan stain and
varnish for interior timber flooring. No clear top coat required (when 3 coats are applied)
Water based, traditional lime stain combined with a professional clear polyurethane for one-step soft milky white colour
and protection for interior timber floors
An opaque, water based paint for adding colour to timber floors
Where to use Bare timber and cork flooring Bare timber and cork flooring Timber, cork and parquetry floors
Preparation Products Proofseal (for lightly coloured timber or oily timber) Feast Watson Proofseal (for lightly coloured timber and oily timber. Note: Oil based sealers must be allowed to dry fully (approx 7 days) before applying Liming White Floor Finish For best results, seal uncoated or tannin rich timber with a suitable
water based sealer before applying Floor Paint
Finish / Appearance Traditional Black Japan look. Satin finish. Note: if finishing the system with Floorclear, choice of sheen will impact sheen level (Gloss or Satin) Soft milky effect. Satin finish. Non yellowing Satin finish, opaque coating fully covers timber grain
Apply with Brush, Roller, Lambswool Applicator Brush, Roller, Lambswool Floor Applicator Brush, Roller, Lambswool Applicator
8 to 12 8 to 12 8–12
Number of coats 1 to 3 (This is a three coat flooring system, If desired color is achieved in less than 3 coats, finish the system with Feast Watson Floor Clear) 1–3 (This is a three coat system. If the desired colour is achieved in less than 3 coats, finish the system with a suitable water based floor clear) 2+ (3 coats is recommended for maximum durability)
Recoat time 12 hours 2 hours 2 hours
Clean up with Mineral Turpentine Water Water
Sizes 4L 4L 4L