Timber Primer Proofseal Sanding Sealer Paint & Varnish Drier
Description Interior/Exterior, on all new timber A penetrating sealer that locks in timbers tannin and oils, preventing issues with discolouration and adhesion caused by natural oils leaching over time.

A clear, fast drying timber sealer that dries to fill the timber grain. Once sanded back, it provides a super smooth surface. An additive used to improve drying times
Where to use Interior/Exterior, on all new timber Interior timber and timber floors Ideal for filling open grain timbers Interior/Exterior, oil based paints and varnishes
Preparation Products
Finish / Appearance As per Main Product
Apply with Brush, Roller or Spray Brush, Roller or Spray Brush, Roller or Spray As per Main Product
8 to 12 10 8 to 10 As per Main Product
Number of coats 1 to 2 1 to 2 1 to 2 As per Main Product
Recoat time Additional coats can be applied wet on wet As per Main Product
Clean up with Mineral Turpentine Methylated Spirits Mineral Turpentine Mineral Turpentine
Sizes 1L, 4L 1L, 4L 250ml, 1L 1L