Exterior Stain & Varnish

Provides rich colour and a durable gloss finish to timber

Exterior Stain & Varnish is a semi-transparent timber stain combined with a clear varnish, providing rich colour to timber while highlighting the natural beauty of the timber grain.

With added protection of a durable clear finish, Exterior Stain & Varnish is ideal for exterior doors, windows, trim and outdoor furniture.

 The three coat system is ideal for transforming the colour of timber, or rejuvenating the colour of old weathered timber. If the desired colour is achieved after one or two coats of Exterior Stain & Varnish, finish the coating system with the relevant amount of coats of Feast Watson Weatherproof™.

Exterior Stain & Varnish comes in four colours aligned to Feast Watson Timber & Deck Stain, perfect for complimenting exterior trim with your decking. These include our popular Black Japan, European Oak, Swan River Jarrah and Taman Merbau.

surface preparation

Exterior Timber Preparation

New Timber
Bare timber will need to weather in order for leaching of the tannins and oils to occur. Allow new Treated Pine to weather for 2 weeks prior to application or follow timber manufacturer’s recommendation. Allow other timbers to weather for approximately 4-6 weeks. We recommend that tannin rich timbers are regularly hosed with water to assist leaching during this time. Weathering periods are provided as a guide only, consult your timber supplier to ensure you correctly prepare your timber for your particular requirements. To coat new timber immediately, use Intergrain® PowerPrep™, following label instructions.

After weathering or using INTERGRAIN POWERPREP, prepare timber for coating by washing with Feast Watson WOODCLEAN™, as per the label instructions.

Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating.

Weathered Timber
Prepare weathered or grey timber by cleaning thoroughly with Feast Watson WOODCLEAN as per the instructions.

Sand to remove stains and restore deteriorated surfaces. Remove all sanding dust before coating.

Previously Coated Timber
Previously coated surfaces need to be taken back to bare timber by stripping or sanding.
Test if the surface is ready by sprinkling water onto the timber: if the water absorbs into the
timber it is suitable for coating. If the water beads, further weathering, sanding or stripping
is required. Prepare timber for coating with Feast Watson WOODCLEAN as per the instructions.



Test colour on an off-cut or inconspicuous area prior to staining the whole job to ensure satisfaction with colour choice. Exterior Stain & Varnish should be stirred thoroughly before and during application with a flat blade stirrer taking care not to introduce bubbles.

Apply Exterior Stain & Varnish using a brush or spray. If spraying, Exterior Stain & Varnish may be thinned by using 10% mineral turpentine. Ensure edges and end grain are
fully coated.

Apply three coats. Four coats will be required if the coating has been thinned. If the desired colour is achieved with the first coat, complete the following two coats with Feast Watson Weatherproof™ as additional coats of Exterior Stain & Varnish will intensify the colour.

Allow 12 hours drying between coats.

For smooth finish, sand lightly between coats with fine grade sandpaper.


Regularly monitor the surface every 12 months for signs of colour loss or surface defects.

When required, lightly sand the surface to a dull finish and remove dust. Recoat with
additional coats of Exterior Stain & Varnish as per application instructions.

  • Where to useExterior timber doors, windows, trim & outdoor furniture
  • Coverage m2/L10
  • Number of coats3
  • Recoat time12 hours
  • Dry time24 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available500ML, 1L