Paving & Sandstone Sealer

Sealer For Porous Stone, Masonry, Concrete Surfaces

A penetrating, clear sealer and top coat that shields porous stone, masonry and concrete from stains and traffic wear. Feast Watson Paving & Sandstone Sealer offers heavy-duty protection for high traffic areas such as driveways and garage floors. It brings out the depth of colour in natural stone with a matt finish that can be built to a gloss with additional coats.

Paving & Sandstone Sealer is ideal for use on stamped concrete, sandstone and concrete masonry pavers, terracotta roof tiles and natural brick. 

Paving & Sandstone Sealer is NOT recommended for use over acrylic bound pebbles or glazed tiles. It is NOT suitable for areas already affected by salt penetration.


CAUTION: Smooth surfaces may become slippery when wet

surface preparation

Ensure surface is thoroughly clean and free from oil, grease, dirt and moss prior to application.

Clean the surface with Feast Watson Floorclean as per the product instructions

For new concrete and aggregate pebbles allow the surface to cure for approximately 28 days then treat surface with a 10% solution (dilute) of Hydrochloric Acid. Apply Hydrochloric Acid using a brush or mop, allow the acid to remain on the surface for 15 minutes then flush off with clean water. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying Paving & Sandstone Sealer.

Floor Clean


Apply a minimum of two coats of Paving & Sandstone Sealer using either a Feast Watson Floor Finish Applicator, brush, fine mohair or wool roller.

Seal all surface edges and ends as water rising through or behind coatings can cause a whitening effect.

Note: If using around areas that are regularly wet, such as swimming pools, do not apply more than one coat of Paving & Sandstone Sealer.  Further coats reduce the surface grip when wet and can become a slipping hazard.

Do NOT apply in temperatures under 10 C or above 35 C or when rain or heavy dew is expected within the coating dry time.


Monitor the surface for signs of loss of gloss or scratches. If an additional coat is required, clean using Feast Watson Floorclean. Apply one coat of Paving & Sandstone Sealer as per application instructions.

  • Where to useSandstone floors/pavers, stamped concrete, concrete and masonry pavers, brick.
  • Coverage m2/L8
  • Number of coats2
  • Recoat time2 hours
  • Dry time8 hours
  • Clean upXylene
  • Sizes available1L, 4L, 10L