Spar Marine Varnish

Flexible, High Gloss Marine Grade Timber Varnish

A high gloss exterior varnish that is flexible when fully cured, allowing surfaces to bend, twist, expand and contract without the coating cracking or splitting.

Spar Marine Varnish is designed to lock out moisture to protect the timber from water damage, making it ideal for above water line marine applications as well as exterior timber.

If desired, Spar Marine may be used over Feast Watson Wood shield Oil 7-10 days after staining.

Note: Spar Marine Varnish is NOT suitable for below the water line applications.

surface preparation

New Timber 
Allow new timber to acclimatise in its final position for 4-6 weeks. Prepare exterior timber for coating with Feast Watson Woodclean. Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating.

Weathered Timber
Prepare exterior weathered or grey timber by cleaning thoroughly with Feast Watson Woodclean. Sand to a smooth surface and remove all sanding dust before coating.

Previously Coated Timber
Previously coated surfaces need to be taken back to bare timber by sanding timber to a smooth surface. Remove all sanding dust before coating.



Feast Watson Spar Marine Varnish should be stirred thoroughly before and during application with a flat blade stirrer taking care not to introduce bubbles.

Apply Spar Marine Varnish using a brush, roller or spray. If spraying Spar Marine Varnish may be thinned by using 10% mineral turpentine. If applying by roller, use a short nap (5mm) mohair roller. Ensure edges and end grain are fully coated.

Apply minimum three coats. Four or more coats may be applied for extra durability to withstand extreme exposure or when the coating has been thinned.

Allow 12 hours drying between coats. Sand lightly between coats. The final coat should be applied within 30 hours of the previous coat to ensure timber is protected.

Do NOT apply in temperatures under 10 C or above 35 C or when rain or heavy dew is expected within the coating dry time.


Regularly monitor the surface for signs of colour loss or surface defects. Reapply Spar Marine as the timber changes colour or when water repellency is lost due to weathering. 

When required, lightly sand the surface and remove dust. Recoat with additional coats of Feast Watson Spar Marine Varnish as per application instructions.

  • Where to useMarine and exterior timber above the waterline
  • Coverage m2/L10
  • Number of coats3
  • Recoat time12 to 24 hours
  • Dry time24 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available500ml, 1L, 4L