Wood Shield Timber Cladding & Screening Oil

Maximum Water Resistance Protection

Designed to protect rough sawn-timber from weathering, Feast Watson Wood Shield Oil provides maximum water repellence for exterior timber. Wood Shield Oil is perfect for vertical timber surfaces such as rough sawn cedar weatherboards, fences, screens and doors.

By deeply penetrating the timber whilst still allowing it to breathe, Wood Shield Oil reduces the timber’s tendency to warp and split. Maintenance coats can be applied easily without the need to strip or sand back the previous coatings.

Easy to apply, Woodshield Oil has a fast 30 minute wet on wet recoat time allowing application of an oil based stain to be completed within one day. Designed to decorate and protect timber, Woodshield will not crack, peel or build up excessive colour with routine maintenance coats

Wood Shield Oil is a lightly pigmented natural coloured oil that gives a matt finish.


Tip: Matching Finishes.

Wood Shield Oil is ideal for use on window frames where the same finish is desired both inside and out. For a higher gloss, dressed timber can be top coated with Feast Watson Weatherproof Varnish for a Satin or Gloss finish

surface preparation

New Timber 
Allow new timber to weather in its final position for 4-6 weeks. Prepare timber for coating with Feast Watson Woodclean as per the instructions. For best results, lightly sand the surface to remove any grain raise. Remove all sanding dust before coating.

Weathered Timber
Prepare weathered or grey timber by cleaning thoroughly with Feast Watson Woodclean as per the instructions. Sanding may be required to remove stains and restore deteriorated surfaces. Remove all sanding dust before coating.

Previously Coated Timber
Timber coated with stain or oil can be coated with Wood Shield Oil after the surface has weathered. Test if the surface is ready by sprinkle water onto the timber: if the water absorbs into the timber it is suitable for coating. If the water beads, further weathering, sanding or stripping is required.

Painted or varnished surfaces need to be taken back to bare timber by stripping or sanding. Prepare timber for coating with Feast Watson Woodclean as per the instructions.



Allow the timber to dry completely before applying Wood Shield Oil. Feast Watson Wood Shield Oil should be stirred thoroughly before and during application with a flat blade stirrer taking care not to introduce bubbles. If the job required more than one can of stain, mix all together in one large container prior to commencing.

Apply one coat of Feast Watson Wood Shield Oil using a brush, roller or spray. If applying with a roller or spray, back brush the coating to ensure even penetration. Work along 3-4 planks at a time, in the direction of the grain. Ensure edges and end grain are fully coated.

Allow coating to soak into timber before applying additional coats. Coating does not need to fully dry before applying subsequent coats.

Apply additional coats until the timber is fully saturated and unable to absorb more coating. A minimum of two coats is required.

Woodshield does NOT require thinning.


Regularly monitor coated timber for signs of colour loss, dryness and weathering. If required, clean the surface using Woodclean, allow the surface to dry and recoat with coats of Feast Watson Wood Shield Oil until the timber is saturated.

  • Where to useAll dressed and rough sawn exterior timber excluding decking. Ideal for window frames (can be used inside and out), exposed beams, weatherboards, cladding, pergolas, doors and trim, gates and fences.
  • Coverage m2/L6
  • Number of coats2
  • Top coat (optional)7 to 10 Days before applying Feast Watson WeatherProof
  • Recoat time30 minutes (wet on wet)
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available1L, 4L, 10L