Outdoor Furniture Oil

Penetrating Oil For Outdoor Furniture

A protective, penetrating oil that has been formulated to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of outdoor timber furniture. Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil penetrates deeply to enrich the timber with a natural matt finish that is available in clear or four tinted natural timber tones.

With added eucalyptus oil, it has UV and mould resistant properties and has excellent water resistance.

Outdoor Furniture Oil is available as a brush-on oil, or in a convenient spray.

One litre of Outdoor Furniture Oil should provide two coats for the average outdoor furniture setting.



Tip: UV Protection.

Outdoor Furniture Oil Clear is NOT recommended to withstand direct sunlight. For added UV protection select one of the colour tinted Outdoor Furniture Oils which have higher levels of UV filters for longer lasting protection.

surface preparation

Ensure the surface of the timber is dry and free from dirt, oil, wax and grease. Clean with Feast Watson Woodclean and allow to dry thoroughly before applying Outdoor Furniture Oil.



Allow the timber to dry completely before applying Outdoor Furniture.

Stir thoroughly before and during use to ensure a uniform colour is achieved.  If the job requires more than one can, mix all together in one large container prior to starting work.

Apply one coat to the timber using a quality brush or Outdoor Furniture Spray. If applying with a spray, back brush the coating to ensure even penetration. Work along 3-4 planks at a time, in the direction of the grain. Ensure edges and end grain are fully coated.

After several minutes, remove excess oil with a brush or soft clean cloth.  Allow to dry for 12 hours before applying a second coat

When applying oil to outdoor furniture, always work on the inside of the leg first and lap your way around, then work up onto the seat.  Finish off with the back of the chair or bench.

Outdoor Furniture Oil does NOT require thinning.


Regularly monitor coated timber for signs of colour loss, dryness and weathering. If required, clean the surface using Woodclean, allow the surface to dry and recoat with one coat of Feast Watson Outdoor Furniture Oil.

  • Where to useTimber outdoor furniture, BBQ trolleys and benches
  • Coverage m2/L6
  • Number of coats2
  • Recoat time12 hours
  • Dry time24 hours
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine. Soak application cloths in water prior to disposal.
  • Sizes available300g (spray), 500ml, 1L, 2L