Timber & Deck Stain Exterior Stain & Varnish
Description A penetrating, semi-transparent exterior timber finish that adds rich colour and a subtle sheen to timber, highlighting the natural beauty of the timber grain.
A semi-transparent timber stain combined with a clear varnish, providing rich colour to timber while highlighting the natural beauty of the timber grain.
Where to use Perfect for Decks. Suitable For Interior/Exterior Doors, Windows And Trim. Exterior timber doors, windows, trim & outdoor furniture
Preparation Products Feast Watson Woodclean Woodclean
Finish / Appearance Semi-transparent, subtly sheen. Retains timber grain Semi-transparent, high gloss finish that retains the timber grain.
Apply with Brush, Roller, Applicator or Spray Brush or Spray
8 to 12 10
Number of coats 2 3
Recoat time 12 hours 12 hours
Clean up with Mineral Turpentine Mineral Turpentine
Sizes 250mls, 2L, 4L 500ML, 1L