Outdoor Furniture Oil Wood Shield Timber Cladding & Screening Oil
Description A protective, penetrating oil that has been formulated to preserve and maintain the natural look of outdoor timber furniture A semi-transparent timber oil with added waxes for maximum water
resistance, perfect for vertical surfaces.
Where to use Timber outdoor furniture, BBQ trolleys and benches All dressed and rough sawn exterior timber excluding decking. Ideal for window frames (can be used inside and out), exposed beams, weatherboards, cladding, pergolas, doors and trim, gates and fences.
Preparation Products Feast Waston Woodclean Feast Watson Woodclean
Finish / Appearance Semi transparent natural look. Enhances the timber grain. Matt finish Semi transparent, natural pigmented Matt finish. Can be overcoated with Weatherproof for a gloss or satin finish
Apply with Brush (Spray on for Spray container, then Brush back) Brush, Roller or Spray
6 to 10
1 Litre should provide two coats for the average outdoor furniture setting
6 to 10
Number of coats 2 2 to 4 (until timber is saturated)
Recoat time 12 hours 30 minutes (wet on wet)
Clean up with Mineral Turpentine Mineral Turpentine.
Sizes 300g (spray), 500ml, 1L 1L, 4L, 10L