How To: Stain Timber Floors With Prooftint

Change the look of your timber floors with Feast Watson Prooftint. Prooftint is the stain professional floor contractors and floor sanders use for vibrant colour and grain clarity.



Before you start:

  1. Skirting boards do not need to be removed if sufficient care is taken while sanding, staining and finishing the floors. For best results use painter’s tape along the bottom of the skirting boards to protect the boards from accidental stain marks.
  2. Remove all furniture and pictures from the walls.
  3. Remove or completely wrap curtains and blinds in plastic to prevent damage from the fine sanding dust.
  4. Cover heating vents, power points and ducts with duct tape and heavy plastic.
  5. Cover doorways to rooms that are not going to be sanded with plastic dust barriers or heavy drop sheets and duct tape to prevent the sanding dust from entering these rooms.
  6. Punch exposed nails in the floors with a nail punch and hammer and clean all sticky coatings from the floor surface.
  7. Open windows for ventilation.


Timber Preparation:



Hardwood: Sand to a smooth surface, fill all nail holes with a suitable Puttyafter the first sand, and remove all sanding dust before coating

Softwood:  Always prime soft porous timbers, such as Pine, Baltic Pine, Meranti and Cedar, prior to applying a stain to ensure that it absorbs evenly into the timber. Apply Feast Watson Timber Primer as per label instructions

Note: Using Timber Primer prior to application of Prooftint will result in a lighter final colour than Prooftint applied direct to raw. If a very dark shade is required do NOT seal with Timber Primer



  1. Sand timber to bare timber and remove all sanding dut before coating
  2. If the surface has been previously coated, sand back to bear, fill all nail holes with a suitable Interior Putty after the first sand, and remove all sanding dust before coating.


all timber

  1. To ensure colour satisfaction,  always test colour on a timber off-cut or inconspicuous area prior to staining the whole job.
  2. Prooftint colours can be mixed together to create your own custom shades or to achieve an exact colour match for your timber



Mix Prooftint with Prooftint Colour Reducer

Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer is a specially formulated dilution base for Feast Watson Prooftint. 

Using Prooftint Colour Reducer enables the creation of lighter, more subtle timber shades. When staining large areas such as floors, Prooftint Colour Reducer helps to distribute the stain, allowing more time for it to be spread, resulting in a consistent, even finish.


Application Technique

  1. Dilute Prooftint into Prooftint Colour Reducer to the desired rate. (Prooftint can be added to Prooftint Colour Reducer at any mixing ratio. Darker colours can be obtained with additional coats or by adding more Prooftint to the mix. For lighter shades, dilute  further with Colour Reducer).
  2. Apply Prooftint mix direct to surface with a brush or Feast Watson Floor Finish Applicator in the direction of the grain. Apply a thick even coat (do not overspread) , and work along 3 – 4 floorboards at a time, cutting around the edges and corners of skirting boards with a narrow brush as you go. Maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks and lay off in the direction of the grain
  3. Leave the stain to penetrate (Note: The stain can be left overnight to soak in for a richer colour. Wipe excess off with a rag the next day and allow a further 30 minutes before over coating for solvents to escape)
  4. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth
  5. Allow to dry for 12 hours, then if required apply a second coat to build colour intensity (as per the instructions above).


Protective top coat

Always Protect your stained floor with a clear top coat

A top coat is required to protect your newly stained floors.You can top coat with Feast Watson Floorclear (Gloss or Satin finish), Floorseal Oil (Satin, naturally oiled finish) or Floorproof Pro (Ultra Gloss Finish). 


top coat application:

  1. Allow 12 hours after wiping back the final Prooftint coat before applying Floorclear or Floorseal Oil, and 36 hours before applying Floorproof Pro
  2. Apply selected product as per label instructions.
  3. Allow 24 hours before light foot traffic and 72 hours for normal traffic.
  4. Maximum strength is achieved in 7 days.


Care and Maintenance of your Stained Floor:

  1. For general purpose cleaning, regularly vacuum using a brush head or sweep the floor with a soft head broom.
  2. Clean floors using Feast Watson Floorclean. This is non smear concentrated detergent which is designed to clean all floor surfaces and rinse clean with minimal effort. Do NOT use normal household cleaners as they may contain a mild abrasive.
  3. Clean the surface using a moist mop, taking care NOT to use too much water and never wet mop a hardwood floor.
  4. Wipe up any spills immediately.