How To: Crackle Lacquer

A look that's seriously on trend at the moment is the distressed, crackle look. Crackle Lacquer is a great way to bring new life to an old timber piece around the house. It's easy, and actually quite fun! Keep reading to start your Crackle Lacquer journey.



Before you start:

You'll need:

Feast Watson Crackle Lacquer Base Coat & Top Coat (sold separately)

2 x good quality brushes

Can opener

Rags for any drips



Timber Preparation:

NB: The frame in the video has one coat of Water Based black paint on it - this was done to accentuate the crackle effect.

Before starting any project, always give a light sand. This ensures maximum adhesion between the coating and the surface of your project. Sanding removes any raised timber fibres and leaves the surface smooth to the touch - both things are essential for a professional looking (and feeling) finish.





Prepare: Base Coat

Feast Watson Crackle Lacquer Base Coat is quite thick in the can, and is unlikely to settle, however you should still give it a thorough stir before applying it to your project, just be careful not to introduce bubbles.


Application Technique

  1. Using your brush, generously apply your first coat of Crackle Lacquer Base Coat.
  2. For maximum crackle - don't be fussy about how you brush. Brush it on thick!
  3. Allow 2 hours between coats. If applying over a previously varnished/coated surface, 2 coats of Base Coat will be sufficient. If applying to bare timber, 3 coats of Base Coat is required.
  4. Your second (and third) coats can be applied in the same manner as the first.
  5. Allow 2 more hours for your final coat to dry before proceeding to Top Coat.


Top Coat and Crackle Magic

Prepare: Top Coat

Feast Watson Crackle Lacquer Top Coat looks just like paint in the container. Please do stir it thoroughly before applying over your 2-3 coats of Base Coat.


Application Technique

  1. Using your new brush, apply Top Coat smoothly, making sure to back-brush.
  2. Make sure you brush onto all areas you want to crackle.
  3. Leave your project to dry and crackle for 4 hours.


Protect the look

Due to the nature of the effect, Crackle Lacquer will wear with handling. We recommend finishing with 1 coat of Crackle Lacquer Base Coat over the top of the dry Crackle Lacquer Top Coat to prolong the life of the coating. Note: The protective clear will increase sheen level and may change the look of the final finish.