Feast Watson Re-love Project

Re-love Project: Get Sophie's Look

Do you love designer Sophie Vine's Feast Watson Re-love Project-'Talk with Tea'? Would you like this unique piece in your home? You can re-love an old telephone table and chair and get her look. We show you how.

Re-love Project: Get Ella's Look

We adore Ella Leoncio's Feast Watson Re-love Project-'Conversation Hub'? You can have an amazing statement piece of furniture like this coffee table in your home. We show you how.

Re-love Project: Get Sam's Look

Sam Cannel's Feast Watson Re-love Project-'The Gossip Table''- would be a talking point in any home. See how you can use Feast Watson Stain & Varnish Liming White to achieve a similar look on an old telephone table or chair.

Re-love Project: Get Simone's Look

The 'Dipped Look' is the latest interior design trend. It is a fun idea for giving new life to a traditional piece of furniture. See how Simone Barter's used Feast Watson to achieve a stunning 'dipped furniture look' on her Feast Watson Re-love Project 'For the Love of Chairs'. This is a look you can achieve it your home!

Re-love Project: Get Sarah's Look

Do you love designer Sarah Whiting's Feast Watson Re-love Project-'Two Sides to Every Story'? Would you like to make a statement in your home with this amazing table? You can re-love an old side table and get her look. We show you how. .

Re-love Project: Get Jennifer's Look

Do you have a room that would be brought to life with an ultimate toy box stool like designer Jennifer French's Feast Watson Re-love Project- 'From television to Toys''? We show you how you can follow Jennifer and re-love an old television cabinet that will be the envy of all of your friends.

Re-love Project: Get Camilla's Look

Do you love designer Camilla Moulder's Feast Watson Re-love Project- 'Vanity Rest'? Would you like an amazing stool that can be the talking point in your livingroom? You can re-love an old stool and get her look. We show you how.

Re-love Project: Get Emma's Look

Emma Blomfield's Feast Watson Re-love Project- 'Standalone Statement' would be a fantastic addition to any home. See how you can re-love an old dining chair that will give your friends something to talk about next time they visit your home.

Re-love Project: Get Team MOTL's Look

Would you love to ''Chalk it Up' with the stunning old school desk from the team at Made On The Left? We show you how you can revisit your childhood and give a vintage school desk a finish that would look amazing in any modern home.

Interior How To Guides

How To: Bring your old chopping board back to life

Everyone's got a chopping board that's served them well. But if water is soaking into the surface, image what else is soaking in, and staying in! So to make water bead on the surface again, and bring your old board back to life, follow this simple how to guide.

How To: Stain Timber Floors With Prooftint

Change the look of your timber floors with Feast Watson Prooftint. Prooftint is the stain professional floor contractors and floor sanders use for vibrant colour and grain clarity.

How To: Stain Furniture With Prooftint

Stains are ideal to change the colour of timber without hiding the characteristics of your furniture. Try using a dark walnut stain to completely change the look of the table and the feel of the room, or a lighter shade to highlight the bring the old colour or patina back to life.

How To: Glass Finish

Do you want to know how to create a stunning feature bench or table top, or give your woodcare project a beautiful long-lasting high-gloss finish? We show you how you can get the look with Feast Watson Glass Finish.