History of Black Japan


Traditional Feast Watson Black Japan was a semi transparent, black timber stain that was designed to achieve a range of varying shades from black to light oak.

Black Japan’s use on floors in Australia began in the 1920’s and 1930’s to ‘frame’ floor carpet squares by being applied around the edges of rooms and hallways. Black Japan was never intended to be walked on, instead had a decorative function on the floor.

The traditional Black Japan stain is no longer available due to containing bitumen and being difficult to apply to floors as it required isolation with French Polish.


Achieve the Black Japan Look with Feast Watson


The same effect as traditional Black Japan can be achieved with the following Feast Watson coatings:

Prooftint Black Japan – a traditional spirit based stain for staining interior timber including floors.

Stain & Varnish Black Japan – a complete stain and varnish in one for interior timber, available in a satin or gloss finish.

Black Japan Floor Finish – a Black Japan stain with a professional clear satin polyuerthane for a one step Black Japan look for floors. For a gloss finish use Floorclear Gloss as a final coat.


FW Black Japan Floor Finish 4L SStain Varnish 1L SProoftint 1l S